The Pandering Pig is the best kept secret in the beautiful undercover neighborhood of Hudson Heights.

Plating up thoughtfully-sourced inventive renditions of classic French dishes with a distinctively Northern California mix, coined by Executive Chef/Owner Nicole O’Brien and her husband, Wine Director Senator O’Brien, as “FreNoCal,” meaning Sonoma-influenced French Northern Californian cuisine. Chef Nicole and Senator have brought their love of music and theater to create this one-of-a-kind dining experience providing New Yorkers with the ultimate culinary oasis.

Chef Nicole was born and raised in Marin County, California, where she grew up in the kitchen cooking with her mom from the cookbooks of Julia Child and James Beard, soaking up each recipe. At her family home in Marin and then in Sonoma, meals were abundant with local organic California ingredients and dinnertime was always the main event. In New York City she took on the position as a private chef creating healthy gourmet meals for a celebrity clientele with very specific palates. Stumbling upon an available restaurant space in her own Hudson Heights neighborhood three years ago, she was determined to make it her own. Through the support of her husband, Senator O’Brien and an angel investor, Chef O’Brien took her passion for cooking and created a truly original dining experience bringing The Pandering Pig to life in 2015.

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Prix Fixe

($62 adults, $28 children)


 First Course


Butternut squash soup


Second Course 


Butter lettuce with grilled prawn, 

shallots and mandarin oranges 

served with a white wine raspberry vinaigrette


Main Course 


Choice of: 

Wild pan seared salmon with a Cointreau gastrique, 

cranberries & toasted walnuts



Dindon auVin

(Turkey braised in wine)


Served with:


Streuseled  yams

Garlic mashed potatoes 

Grilled zucchini 

Dried apricot & herb stuffing 

Cranberry sauce & relish 





Pumpkin pie & Pecan pie 

served with fresh whipped cream


Coffee, tea & root beer included 

Beautiful wines, craft beer and spirits

 available for purchase



Mother Wit broth was hatched in the New York City kitchen of Chef Nicole O'Brien in 2013. Nicole carefully honed her chicken, beef and vegan broths and has been using them both within her delicious fare and as stand-alone elixirs for her private clientele and restaurant patrons at The Pandering Pig restaurant in Hudson Heights. Made in small batches, the broth continually retains the quality and customization of Nicole's high standards.  

Mother Wit uses organic and locally sourced ingredients from farms in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Our chickens are organic and kosher certified from the green pastures of Pennsylvania. 


Chicken Broth

At Mother Wit, we believe in the wholesome qualities of organic veggies and chicken stewed for hours to thick, tasty, mineral rich goodness. We believe in the good fat from an organic healthy hen and minerals that are leeched from the bones and cartilage during a long stew. Added to that are the minerals and vitamins seeped from organic beets, carrots and onions to name a few. The result is a broth that is not only thick with flavor, but also packed with nourishment. We like to call it liquid gold - lovingly made with your whole health in mind. So yummy, you'll want to sip it like a hot tea, use it as a base to make the most delicious soup on earth or add it to your favorite dish to infuse incredible flavor.


Vegetable Broth

Close your eyes, take a deep breath, plant your feet and take a long swig from our super fantastic Vegan Broth. A broth that is such a super hero, it can switch between a juice and a soup in a flash. Our deep, thick vegan broth is packed full of unfiltered mineral riches from organic root vegetables: beets, parsnips, carrots, onions and ginger. To that, we add the power of organic greens: seaweed, parsley, celery and fresh herbs. We then stew it all to thick, tasty perfection. We love it straight from the package, on ice, or added to your favorite dish to give it that extra oomph and depth of flavor. Our carefully honed elixir makes you feel so nourished that we feel sure that you too will plant yourself and sigh 'aahhhhhhh' with contentment.

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209 Pinehurst Ave
New York, NY 10033


Take the A train to 181 ST and walk up to the Pandering Pig on 187th & Pinehurst. 


Closed Mondays & Tuesdays
Sun -Thurs 5pm–10pm (kitchen closes at 9pm. Desserts and drinks served until 10)

Fri - Sat 5pm–11pm (kitchen closes at 10pm. Desserts and drinks served until 11)